DDPAI kicks off product launch event in Bangkok with AI-Powered devices in focus

Founded in 2013, DDPAI is dedicated to enhancing mobility experiences through innovative technologies and intelligent imaging in daily life via the AIoT platform, creating a comprehensive smart ecosystem.

BANGKOK—DDPAI unveiled its latest AI-powered products at a major launch event in Bangkok on May 30. The new additions, the N5 Dual Dashcam and the RANGER Riding Camera, aim to enhance user experiences by integrating advanced AI technology with user-friendly features, reflecting the brand’s desire to convey “Discover Freely, Capture Lightly” to consumers.

The N5 Dual Dashcam offers 4K UHD image quality. The upgraded AI-based radar motion detection system protects parked vehicles by recording when suspicious activity is detected, capturing potential threats and ensuring vehicle safety. Notably, the “Take Picture” feature allows users to conveniently capture moments during their drive, making it easier to document their journey. Additionally, the N5 Dual features 32GB built-in eMMC storage and supports up to 512GB microSD cards for secure video storage.

The RANGER Riding Camera is designed specifically for riding sports, representing a new category of integrated devices. It features a 1.3-inch high-brightness touchscreen and captures 4K UHD images with a 150° super wide-angle lens. Triple stabilization and distortion correction technologies ensure smooth and clear footage. By integrating multiple high-precision sensors, the RANGER combines riding data with video via SR4.0, eliminating the need for additional cycling computers. This streamlined approach simplifies the technology needed for an enhanced riding experience, embodying the theme “D-AI, Empower Future Journey.”

“Empowering our users to capture their adventures effortlessly is at the heart of what we do,” said a DDPAI spokesperson at the event. “Our new AI-powered products are designed to provide the best possible experience, whether you’re driving or riding.”

DDPAI continues to lead the way in developing cutting-edge solutions that enhance mobility and capture the essence of every journey.

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