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4G Remote Parking Monitor Master

Top 5 Powerful Features

4G Remote Connectivity

Remote Video Preview
Electronic Fence
GPS Vehicle Tracking
Collision Notification

Smart Monitoring

Collision Detection
Time Lapse
IPS Power Management System

2K Resolution

1440P Front Camera
140° Wide Angle
F1.8 Aperture


1080P Rear Camera
Low-latency transmission
Simultaneously Recording

APP Control

Recording playback & download Simply Sharing

4G Remote Connectivity

Monitor Your Vehicle Anytime, Anywhere

With the 4G Link Box, you can enjoy remote preview, GPS vehicle tracking, electronic fence, and collision notifications.

Remote Preview

DDPAI 4G Link Box allows you to view dash cam image anytime.

GPS Vehicle Positioning

It supports displaying vehicle GPS positioning information and real-time vehicle speed.

Electronic Fence

DDPAI 4G Link Box will push notifications to your phone when your car is moving in or out of the set area.

Collision Notification

DDPAI 4G Link Box will send capture photos to your phone in case of a collision.

Remote viewing of collision videos, photos, and album photos.

*Please note that the 4G Link Box comes included as a default component in the package.

Parking Monitoring

24/7 Safeguarding Your Vehicle's Security

Parking monitoring mode activated automatically after engine shutdown, offering 3 intelligent modes for reliable protection.

Time Lapse

Parking monitoring supports time lapse mode.

Impact Detection

Parking monitoring supports collision detection.

Loop Recording

When the storage space is insufficient, it automatically overwrites the earliest recorded videos.

IPS Power Management

No Additional Burden on Your Vehicle's Battery

With the built-in IPS power management system, it can constantly monitor the car battery voltage and automatically cut off power when it falls below the set threshold.

2K High Resolution

Capture Every Detail with Clarity

The front camera supports 1440P recording, capturing clear footage in various environments.

5 + 1 Optical Lens Combination

Superior Imaging Performance

5 sets of optical lenses plus 1 set of infrared filter lens and enhanced by an F1.8 large aperture, allowing for clear footage even in low-light conditions.

140° Wide Angle

Multi-lane Coverage

Capture a wider field of view while driving.

Bluetooth Remote Shutter

Capture Moments at Your Fingertips

Capture stunning driving photos effortlessly with the convenience of Bluetooth remote shutter.

*Please note that the bluetooth remote shutter comes included as a default component in the package.

SR 2.0 Effect

Vehicle Driving Data All at a Glance

Equipped with a built-in 3-axis accelerometer and GPS, X2S Pro provides multiple driving data.

Acceleration And Deceleration Detection

Gradient Information

Virtual Track

Front Vehicle Distance

Lane Information

Lane Change

U-turn Detection

Direction Detection


* For SR2.0 effects, simply download the DDPAI App and apply them to your videos for an enhanced experience.

HD Rear Recording

Front and Rear Recording Simultaneously

The rear camera supports 1080P video recording, combined with low-latency transmission technology, ensuring reduced delay and enhanced clarity in the footage.

APP Connection

Video Playback & Editing

Seamless app connection for video playback, editing, and instant social sharing.

Super Capacitor

Stable, Secure, Durable

The built-in super capacitor has high temperature resistance and longer service life, effectively avoiding the risks of bulging, explosion, and nature of lithium batteries.

Premium Quality Assurance

Peace of Mind Usage

DDPAI’s Smart Manufacturing Facility is IATF16949 certified, ensuring stringent quality control and providing superior product assurance.

Exceptional Design

Tailored to Perfection

Our design team has been honored with international awards such as the Red Dot Award and the iF Design Award. X2S Pro features a sleek design that doesn’t obstruct your line of sight.

Packing List

X2S Pro

4G Link Box

Rear Camera

12V Power Cable

Extended Cable for Rear Camera

Bluetooth Remote Shutter


User Manual

3M Adhesive

Electrostatic Stickers


X2S Pro
Video Encoding:
H.264/AI.265 (DDPAI Encoding Technology)
Front: 2560*1440@25fps
Rear: 1920*1080@30fps
Front: 5 sets of optical lenses plus 1 set of infrared filter lens, FOV140°, F1.8 aperture
Rear: 5 sets of optical lenses, FOV125°, F2.0 aperture
Up to 512GB by microSD card (class 10 above)
built-in 3-axis gyro sensor. The sensitivity of emergency lock can be adjusted on the app
built-in 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
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