It is not recommended. Inserting or removing a storage device while it is powered may lead to file corruption. Additionally, inserting or removing an SD card while it is powered can affect the lifespan of the card.

Troubleshooting storage anomaly issues:

  • If the dash cam announces a storage anomaly, it indicates a problem with the SD card. If restarting the device does not resolve the issue and recording is not possible, then the SD card is damaged and needs to be replaced.
  • If the dash cam does not announce a storage anomaly, but the APP displays one, exit the APP and reconnect. If the anomaly message does not reappear, the issue may have been caused by the SD card being removed or inserted while power was supplied to the device. If the storage anomaly still appears after exiting and reconnecting the APP, please replace the SD card promptly.
  • The standard power supply voltage is 5V for continuous power. An optional voltage reducer is available for a power supply voltage of 12V.
  • The device is equipped with a built-in super capacitor and does not contain a battery.
  • It is normal for electronic devices to generate heat during use.
  • DDPAI dash cams have undergone high-temperature testing. During normal operation, the heat is dissipated through the surface of the product. This is a normal phenomenon, which does not affect the normal functioning of the device and does not pose any safety issues.

The rear camera is not waterproof; it needs to be installed inside the vehicle. The device does not support rear cameras from other models or brands due to compatibility issues.

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