DDPAI Launches 4G Remote Monitoring Function

As a leader in the dash cam industry, DDPAI not only provides consumers with high resolution, safe and stable dash cam, but also launches 4G Link Box / Bracket , which connects a smartphone and a recorder through a 4G network, enabling real-time monitoring of the vehicle’s status and front-view images, and providing remote protection for the vehicle’s safety.

Real-time monitoring of the front of your car

Do you often find it difficult to locate your vehicle when shopping in a mall or parking in a parking lot? At this time, all you need to do is to open the DDPAI app to check the location and front image of your vehicle, which will help you quickly find your car.

Immediate notification in case of a collision

When you’re parking, if the dash cam detects a collision or strong shaking, it will immediately capture the current photo and video and push it to you through the app, allowing you to know the abnormal situation of your car for the first time.

Automatically senses when your car enters or exits the set area.

If you are worried that the repair staff may use your car without permission while it’s being repaired, or that it may be used in other provinces when lent out, you can simply set up a fenced area in the app. When your car enters or exits this area, the app will automatically push a message to your phone, letting you know the driving range of your car.

View of photos and videos anytime and anywhere

Comes standard with 2GB cloud storage space for you to upload collision and capture photos as backup for view and download anytime and anywhere.

Supported Devices

The DDPAI MINI5 (with 4G Link Bracket) and DDPAI X5 Pro (with 4G Link Box) dash cams are supported.


Founded in 2013, DDPAI is committed to enriching travel and lifestyles with innovative technology. Cooperate with Huawei, Alibaba and SAIC, Geely, Volvo, Xpeng Motors and other enterprises to empower smart mobility, enrich driving experience and improve operational efficiency. Based on 10 million users, DDPAI develops consumer products such as dash cam or smart car screen to provide user richer and more interesting driving experience.

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