Leading Industry Innovations by Empowering Smart Mobility


Founded in 2013, DDPAI has been committed to enriching our mobility experience with innovative technologies and promoting the application of smart imaging in daily life based on the AIoT platform so as to build a full-scenario smart ecosystem.

Building an AIoT Platform Based on Vision+Connection

Through the AIoT platform, we connect the behaviors of the real world to the cloud database, achieving smart devices and applying them to various image scenarios such as mobility, vehicles, and homes to better serve people’s daily lives.

Leading Product Innovation Based on Continuous R&D Investment

Each year, we invest 8-10% of our sales revenue into R&D for continuous product upgrades. Until now, we have filed applications for 166 patents.

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Leading Smart Mobility By Transforming Transportation

  • Launched the world’s first 5G-V2X smart car stereo;
  • Cooperated with Caocao Mobility to develop the new generation of ride-hailing terminal devices;
  • Supplied recorders for vehicles exported by the SAIC Group.

Cooperating With More Partners For Upgraded Smart Mobility

  • Customized pre-installed dash cams for NIO and Geely vehicles;
  • Customized smart car stereos for WuLing mini EV.

Cooperating With Partners To Diversify Electronic Auto Apps

  • Jointly developed a smart car stereo with HUAWEI HiCar;
  • Cooperated with AutoNavi and Sogou Map for AR navigation.

Cooperating With Partners In The Field Of Smart Transportation

  • Jointly completed AR navigation projects with AutoNavi and Tmall Genie;
  • Jointly completed projects with T3 Travel, GoFun Travel.

Cooperating With Partners In The Smart Mobility Ecosystem

  • Jointly completed projects with DiDi, JAC, and Tuhu Car Maintenance.

Setting foot in the fields of auto pre-installed products and electronics

  • Jointly completed projects with SAIC Group, Volvo, and Powered by AliOS.

Cooperating with car manufacturers in pre-installed products

  • Cooperated with Geely Boyue for automotive-grade DVR; · Series A financing.

Leading the transformation of dash cams

  • DDPAI was established.
  • Launched the industry’s first dash cam with the sharing function — M5.
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