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Upgraded Parking Mode
with Radar & AI

4K + 1080P Dual-Channel Dashcam

DDPAI N5 Dual 4K Radar Dash Cam

4K UHD Resulotion

Front + Rear



Motion Detection

Selling Point 4-Supercapacitor


Selling Point 5-Built-in GPS Log

Built-in GPS Log

Night Vision

Support Radar

Parking Mode

Internal 32 GB eMMC


4K UHD + 1080P Resolution

All in details

N5 Dual is the ultimate driving companion with 4K front cam and 1080P rear cam, providing unparalleled clarity for both front and rear views.

140° Wide-Angle Vision

Capture more, drive safer

140° Wide-Angle lens, ensuring a broader field of view to capture more of the road. This comprehensive coverage enhances safety and provides detailed video recording for a more thorough driving experience.

NightVIS & Realcube

Elevate your visuals with DDPAI’s NightVIS and Realcube technologies, ensuring vibrant, sharp images in any light. Experience life in high definition, no matter the lighting conditions.

Smart Parking Mode

24/7 Precision Monitoring

Al Base Radar Motion Detection

The Al millimeter-wave radar monitors vehicle’s surroundings. Upon detection, the camera automatically records, saving 10 seconds of video.

* Please install the radar in an area with minimal interference from rearview mirrors, headrests, and window tints to ensure optimal performance

Al on Guard
Al on Guard MB

Al on Guard

Marks human figures for easy footage retrieval later. Our advanced motion detection algorithm goes beyond collisions, identifying and recording events like scratches and theft.

Battery-Friendly Monitoring

Efficiently monitors motion with minimal power, reducing 87% power consumption compared to time-lapse recording, offering up to 15-day recordings.

*Test results from DDPAI Lab

Battery-Friendly Monitoring
Battery-Friendly Monitoring MB

Protect Your Vehicle Battery

With the IPS power management system, vehicle voltage can be detected intelligently to avoid draining the vehicle battery.

*Requires OBD Intelligent Hardwire Kit

*Pedestrians,sedan-sized or larger vehicles passing by can be detected *Not all objects are guaranteed to be detectable
*Due to high-frequency radiation, detection range and response sensitivity may vary
*Please install the radar module as far from the metal parts associated with the rearview mirror or ADAS sensors as possible.
*Metal near the radar can impair motion detection
*Activation Conditions: The radar activates only after the vehicle is off and locked, with the dedicated OBD hardwire kit confirming shutdown status several minutes later.
*Use the specific OBD hardwire kit for the radar; other OBD hardwire kit may cause false alarms.
*The radar detects if someone is in the vehicle when turned off and won’t activate parking monitoring.
*When detecting an object, the radar flashes red and starts recording; view event videos in the app’s AI Recognition Album upon vehicle start-up.

D2save 2.0 Dual-Memory Storage

Your personal BlackBox thanks to 32GB eMMC storage

The D2save 2.0 Emergency System features 512GB MicroSD card and 32GB built-in eMMC BlackBox storage technology. In case of MicroSD card failure, emergency videos are automatically saved right to your eMMC BlackBox.

Reliable and Durable Supercapacitor

Always-on safety

The Supercapacitor is heat-resistant, ensuring reliability and durability in extreme temperatures.

Temperature Icons

No risk of ignition

fire protection icon

Better thermal resistance performance

battery protection icon

Long cycle life


Optimized ADAS Technology

Your personal co-pilot

ADAS is a reliable travel companion, using sensors to detect the vehicle’s surroundings and alert you to potential safety concerns. Stay safe on the road, thanks to voice assistance.

Parking Monitor Icon

Front Vehicle Start Alarm

reminder icon

Driver Fatigue Alarm

Smart Voice Control

Capture brilliance on the road

N5 Dual seamlessly integrates smart voice control – just say ‘ Take Photo ‘ for effortless captures. Stay focused on the road while enhancing your driving experience with ease.

take photo pc

Built-in GPS Log Ensures Accurate Route Tracking

Access detailed tracking data like driving time, speed, location, and routes with ease using the DDPAl app.

Fast and Stable Bluetooth Connection

Seamlessly pairing with DDPAl app

After successful pairing, N5 Dual connects to your device via Bluetooth for direct and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.

Stable Bluetooth Connection

* Initial pairing requires pressing the button on the device and using Bluetooth to connect with the mobile phone.

Package List

N5 Dual

N5 Dual

Rear Camera

Rear Camera

Car Charger

Car Charger

Power Cable (Front)

Power Cable (Front)

5.5m Power Cable (Rear)

5.5m Power Cable (Rear)

Prying Rod

Prying Rod

N5 Dual User Manual

User Manual

3M Adhesive-2

3M Adhesive*2

Electrostatic Sticker-2

Electrostatic Sticker*2

Rader Module Package

Radar Module

Radar Module

OBD Intelligent HardWire Kit

OBD Intelligent HardWire Kit

hareware kit & Radar module

User Manual

Electrostatic Sticker

Electrostatic Sticker

3M Adhesive

3M Adhesive


N5 Dual
External: Support Mirco-SD card (Up to 512GB, UHS-3 or higher Speed)
Built-in Storage: 32GB eMMC
Front Camera: 3840*2160
Rear Camera: 1920*1080
F1.8 (Front), F2.0 (Rear)
Field of View (FOV):
140° (Front), 125° (Rear)
Encoding Technlogy:
Support AI.265
102 x 21.9 x 36mm
Working Temperature:
-20°C to 70°C
Storage Temperature:
-40°C to 85°C
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