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Smart Monitor Assistant

Top 4 Powerful Features

Front and Rear

for peace of mind


135° Wide Angle

Capture Wider and Clearer Moments

IPS Power Management

Extend Monitoring and Protect Your Car Battery

Smart Parking Monitoring

Constantly Guarding Your Vehicle

Dual-channel Recording
Effortlessly Capture Front and Rear Roads

1296P+1080P Resolution

For Peace of Mind

With a front camera recording at 1296P and a rear camera recording at 1080P, N1 Dual captures footage from both the front and rear or interior of your vehicle (Rear camera swivels to record in-car footage). Enjoy enhanced safety and peace of mind with our comprehensive surveillance.

Option 1

Option 2

135°+125° Wide Angle

Coverage of Multiple Lanes

Equipped with wide-angle cameras of 135° and 125°, N1 Dual effortlessly captures footage from multiple lanes, effectively eliminating blind spots in your driving.

NightVIS Technology

Low light remains vividly captured as well

The front camera boasts a premium lens setup with 5 optical lens, combined with a wide F1.8 aperture.With the DDPAI’s NightVIS technology, you can effortlessly capture crisp and vibrant footage of your surroundings even in low-light conditions.

AI.265 Encoding Technology

Smaller File Size

DDPAI’s self-developed video encoding and decoding technology, compared to H.264 encoding technology, not only improves video quality but also saves over 30% of storage space.

Support up to 256GB microSD card, records 28 hours of front and rear camera footage, extending recording time significantly.

*Note: Data sourced from DDPAI Laboratory.

Reliable Protection

Parking Monitoring

Constantly Safeguarding Your Vehicle's Security

Parking monitoring mode activated automatically after engine shutdown, offering 3 intelligent modes for reliable protection.

Time Lapse

Parking monitoring supports time lapse mode, allowing for approximately 5 days of continuous recording on a 32GB microSD card at 1296P resolution. Storage up to 256GB microSD card.

Impact Detection

If a collision is detected, it will instantly capture a photo and generate a 10-second/ 20-second/30-second video.

Loop Recording

When the storage space is insufficient, it automatically overwrites the earliest recorded videos.

*To utilize this feature, a separate purchase of the DDPAI hardwire kit is required.

IPS Power Management

No Additional Burden on Your Vehicle's Battery

With the built-in IPS power management system, N1 Dual can constantly monitor the car battery voltage and automatically cut off power when it falls below the set threshold, allowing you to keep track of your battery voltage through the DDPAI App.

Trustworthy Quality

Super Capacitor

Stable, Secure, Durable

With its built-in super capacitor, the N1 Dual offers exceptional temperature resistance, ensuring a longer lifespan and avoiding the risk of battery swelling.

Note: The above data comes from the DDPAI laboratory, please refer to the actual usage.

Premium Quality Assurance

Peace of Mind Usage

DDPAI’s Smart Manufacturing Facility is IATF16949 certified, ensuring stringent quality control and providing superior product assurance.

Exceptional Design

Tailored to Perfection

Our design team has been honored with international awards such as the Red Dot Award and the iF Design Award. N1 Dual features a sleek design that doesn’t obstruct your line of sight and seamlessly integrates with your vehicle’s interior.

APP Connection
Convenient Viewing and Download

Zero Data Playback

Download and Online Video Editing and Sharing

By connecting to the DDPAI App, you can effortlessly customize the recording resolution, collision sensitivity, and other setting of the dash cam. Enjoy real-time preview, playback, download, editing and share your video on social media.

Packing List

N1 Dual


Rear Camera

Car Charger

Power Cable (Front)

5.5 m Power Cable (Rear)

User Manual

3M Adhesive*4

Electrostatic Stickers*2


N1 Dual
Video Encoding:
H.264/AI.265 (DDPAI Encoding Technology)
Front: 1296P@30fps
Rear: 1080P@25fps
Front: 5 sets of optical lens,FOV135°,F1.8 Aperture
Rear: 4 sets of optical lens,FOV125°,F2.0 Aperture
Up to 256GB by microSD card
built-in 3-axis gyro sensor. The sensitivity of emergency lock can be adjusted on the app
built-in 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
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