Will My Dash Cam Kill My Car Battery?

Dash cams are increasingly popular for their ability to provide crucial evidence in case of accidents and enhance overall vehicle security. However, one common concern among car owners is whether dash cams can drain the car battery.

This comprehensive guide will address these concerns and provide practical tips to ensure your dash cam doesn’t negatively impact your battery. Whether you already own a dash cam or are considering purchasing one, this guide will help address your concerns.

Dash Cam Battery Types

Dash cams can be powered by different types of batteries, each with its pros and cons:

Internal Batteries

Internal batteries allow the dash cam to operate independently for a short period. They are convenient for capturing footage when the car is off but have limited capacity and are not suitable for long-term recording without an external power source.


Capacitors are more heat-resistant and durable compared to internal batteries. They provide enough power to save the last recording before shutting down, making them ideal for hot climates. However, they do not offer long-term power.

External Battery Packs

External battery packs provide a separate power source, reducing the load on the car battery. They can support continuous recording, including parking mode, but require regular charging and can be more expensive.

Factors Influencing Battery Consumption

Power Consumption

Dash cams typically consume between 1-5 watts during normal operation. Parking mode, which keeps the camera active when the car is off, can increase power consumption.

Battery Health

Older or weaker car batteries are more susceptible to draining issues. Regular maintenance and timely replacement of your car battery can help mitigate this risk. Keeping your battery in good condition through regular maintenance can prevent potential issues related to battery drain.

Installation Method

Most dash cams are powered through the car’s cigarette lighter socket, which minimizes battery drain when the car is off. Hardwiring allows continuous power but requires careful management to avoid draining the battery. Using a fuse tap with the correct fuse rating and a battery discharge prevention device is crucial.

Temperature Extremes

Extreme cold or hot temperatures can affect battery performance and increase power consumption. Parking in sheltered areas and using temperature management features in the dash cam can mitigate these effects.

Preventive Measures

Using a Battery Discharge Prevention Device

Battery discharge prevention devices monitor the battery voltage and automatically cut off power to the dash cam if the voltage drops too low. This ensures the car battery maintains enough charge to start the vehicle.

Scheduled Recordings

Setting your dash cam to operate only during specific hours or under certain conditions, such as motion detection, can reduce unnecessary power consumption. These features allow the dash cam to activate only when needed, minimizing the impact on the car battery.

External Battery Packs

Investing in an external battery pack designed for dash cams can significantly reduce the risk of draining your car battery. External battery packs charge while driving and provide a separate power source when the car is off.

Regular Battery Maintenance

Keep your battery in good condition through regular maintenance. Check for signs of wear and replace the battery as needed to prevent issues related to battery drain.


How long can a dash cam run on a car battery in parking mode?

The duration depends on your car battery’s capacity and the dash cam’s power consumption. On average, a healthy car battery can support a dash cam in parking mode for 24-48 hours.

Yes, it is safe if done correctly. Ensure you use a fuse tap with the correct fuse rating and a battery discharge prevention device to avoid draining the car battery.


Installing a dash cam doesn’t necessarily mean draining your car battery. By understanding how dash cams draw power, using the right installation techniques, and leveraging features like voltage protection and external battery packs, you can enjoy the benefits of a dash cam without worrying about battery drain.

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