Making the Right Choice: ACC or VCC?

Why Choose When You Can Have Both! Leave it to DDPAI IPS Intelligent Hardwire Kit.

As dashcams become an increasingly essential tool in modern driving, understanding the technical details, particularly VCC and ACC, becomes crucial. In this blog, we will briefly introduce what ACC and VCC are, along with how DDPAI’s IPS Intelligent Power Management System helps protect your car and the vehicle’s battery health.


Or knowing as accessory power, refers to the power source that is active when the vehicle ignition is turned on. ACC is responsible for starting various vehicle accessories, including the dashboard and radio, as well as your dashcam. Connecting the dashcam to the ACC circuit ensures its activity only when the vehicle is running, avoiding unnecessary power consumption during parking.


Refers to a constant power source that remains active even when the vehicle is turned off. This power source enables the dashcam to operate continuously, providing surveillance and recording capabilities around the clock. However, traditional VCC connections may pose a risk to the vehicle’s battery health, potentially draining it to the point of being unable to start the vehicle.

Is there a solution that not only enables parking monitoring but also ensures the well-being of your car’s battery?

The answer is a definite YES. Now, let’s meet DDPAI’s IPS Intelligent Hardwire Kit.

DDPAI’s IPS Intelligent Power Management System addresses the potential battery health issues associated with traditional VCC connections. With ACC + constant power wiring technology, the IPS hardwire kit collaborates seamlessly with DDPAI dashcams, intelligently recognizing the vehicle’s status. Through the DDPAI APP, vehicle owners can preset voltage protection levels. If the voltage drops below the preset level, the dashcam automatically ceases operation, effectively preventing battery drain.

IPS Wiring Video Guide


Grasping the distinctions between ACC and VCC is essential when installing a dashcam. DDPAI’s IPS Intelligent Hardwire Kit provides an ideal solution, delivering round-the-clock parking safety monitoring for car owners while simultaneously maintaining the health of the vehicle’s battery.

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