DDPAI Announces N5 Dual (the AI-Based Radar Dashcam) and Ranger (the Pioneer Riding Camera) in Malaysia

Founded in 2013, DDPAI is dedicated to enhancing mobility experiences through innovative technologies and intelligent imaging in daily life via the AIoT platform, creating a comprehensive smart ecosystem.

On 20th March, DDPAI hosts a launch event in Malaysia to release N5 Dual, a groundbreaking dashcam combining radar technology and AI algorithms for the first time. Also, DDPAI is proud to launch Ranger, the professional riding camera designed for diverse riding.

N5 Dual – Upgraded Parking Mode with Radar & AI

Unparalleled Clarity – N5 Dual boasts a 4k front cam and a 1080P rear cam, capturing crystal-clear images day and night with DDPAI’s RealCube and NightVIS technologies. Its 140°Wide-Angle lens ensures a broader field of view to cover 3 drive ways.

AI Base Smart Parking Mode – N5 Dual starts recording a 10-second clip when the AI millimeter-wave radar detects motions, and switches to time-lapse recording when the motion continues. It works up to 15 days with a ‘sleeping’ mode Radar.

D2save Emergency Storage – includes 32GB of built-in eMMC storage and supports up to 512GB-microSD-card storage. When the storage card fails, videos are automatically saved to the built-in eMMC.

Smart Integration – N5 Dual incorporates ADAS and a Supercapacitor, Fast Bluetooth connection, Built-in GPS, Smart Voice Control, and 5GHz Wi-Fi.

Ranger – Integration of Video and Riding Data

A whole new category – Ranger represents a new category of riding camera by filling the gap of no camera specially suiting riding sports, and providing accurate and admirable product experience for riders.

Rider-Friendly Design – Ranger features 1.3-inch high-brightness touchscreen, left and right shortcuts for easy switch between cycling computer and camera functions, unique twist to quickly install and release.

Stunning Image Quality – Ranger captures everything in 4K UHD with the advanced AI-ISP chip and image tuning technology. Its 150°super wide-angle lens provides a broader landscape.

Integration of Video and Data – Ranger boasts multiple high-precision sensors and generate various riding data integrated into the videos via SR4.0.

Triple Stabilization – It consists of D-Flow stabilization, horizon leveling and wide-angle distortion correction, stabilizing every gorgeous moment.

Ultra-Long Work Time – Ranger is built with a 1600mAh battery and allowed to continue recording videos, connected with ACC charging base.

N5 Dual and Ranger are available now. Click here and get yours.

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