On the roads, unexpected incidents can occur abruptly, and the key is to preserve important records of these moments. DDPAI D2SAVE Emergency Dual Storage Technology is precisely designed for this purpose, ensuring reliable preservation of your driving records during critical moments.

What is D2SAVE?

Developed by DDPAI, the D2SAVE equips dash cams with a powerful data protection layer, featuring built-in EMMC storage and supporting up to 512GB of expandable storage cards. It ensures that emergency videos are securely recorded, even if the SD card is not inserted or damaged.

Emergency Event Video Preservation

In the event of a collision or other emergencies, D2SAVE automatically activates, ensuring that videos related to the incident are instantly saved to the built-in storage. This feature provides drivers with strong evidence support for legal and insurance matters.

Operational Without an SD Card

The latest upgrade in D2SAVE allows the dash cam to function normally even without an SD card, capable of recording and saving emergency videos. This offers an extra layer of protection for drivers who might forget to install an SD card or encounter card failures.

DDPAI Dash Cams with D2SAVE

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