Sense Reality

DDPAI SR (Sense Reality) technology transforms driving data into intuitive visual information, offering real-time driving assistance and enhancing vehicular safety. Compatible with devices equipped with GPS and six-axis sensors, this technology provides drivers with unprecedented transparency and control over their driving information.

What is Sense Reality (SR)?

Sense Reality, or SR, is a technology by DDPAI that leverages advanced sensors and GPS to convert complex driving dynamics into user-friendly visual cues. This innovative feature enriches the driving experience by providing clear, actionable insights into the vehicle’s performance and environment.

Data Visualization with GPS-Equipped Devices

  • Time and Date: Ensures accuracy in record-keeping and traceability of events.
  • G-Force Changes: Monitors and displays real-time acceleration and deceleration.
  • Altitude: Provides information on the current elevation of the vehicle.
  • Actual Trajectory: Tracks and displays the real-time driving path of the vehicle.
  • Lane Change Recognition: Intelligently identifies and prompts lane-changing actions.
  • Turn Recognition: Offers guidance during turns to enhance driving safety.
  • Driving Direction: Indicates the current direction of travel.
  • Speed Alerts (Rapid Acceleration/Deceleration): Warns of potentially hazardous driving behaviors.
  • Lead Vehicle Speed: Displays the speed of the vehicle ahead to help maintain a safe distance.
  • Lead Vehicle Distance: Measures and displays the real-time distance to the vehicle ahead.
  • Lane Departure: Alerts when the vehicle deviates from its lane.
  • Lane Lines: Shows the vehicle’s position relative to road lane lines.

Data Visualization with Six-Axis Sensor Devices

  • Gradient: Displays the change in gradient the vehicle is traversing.
  • Virtual Trajectory: Simulates the driving path using internal sensors.
  • Including other functionalities such as time and date, G-force changes, lane change recognition, turn recognition, driving direction, lead vehicle distance, and lane departure warnings.

DDPAI Dash Cams with Sense Reality

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