Parking Mode

Parking mode in DDPAI dash cams delivers a variety of settings to meet different surveillance needs, ensuring the best protection for your vehicle during parking.

What is Parking Mode?

Parking Mode is a feature in DDPAI dash cams that provides specialized monitoring while the vehicle is stationary. It’s designed to guard your vehicle in different scenarios, from a busy parking lot to the quiet of your home garage. Depending on the selected mode, it can record continuously, save space and energy with time-lapse, or stay alert to any collisions using minimal power.

1. Normal Recording Mode

Under this mode, the dash cam operates normally, capturing all the ongoing activity with uninterrupted recording. Should any emergencies arise, it secures the footage immediately, ensuring you don’t miss any important occurrences.

2. Time-Lapse Recording Mode

This mode offers an energy-efficient way to monitor your parked vehicle. It records at a reduced frame rate, saving energy and storage while providing a comprehensive record of events around your car.

3. Collision Wake-Up Mode

For optimal energy conservation, the collision wake-up mode keeps your dash cam in a low-power state until a collision or radar detection activates it. This extends the standby time significantly while ensuring important events are noticed.

DDPAI Dash Cams with Parking Mode

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